Human Capital
is the source of
all value creation.

Capacity-Driven Personnel

We provide organizational design and management services that optimize the performance of personnel. Our approach is founded in a deep respect for human capacity and its contributions to both strategy and profit. And, with our expansive vision across industries, markets and borders, we bring this value into a movement of formidable global impact.

Our methods focus on the principle of integration. Due to the universal nature of human value and capacity, our services support a mandate of integrative value in as many ways possible. That means, bringing together capacities in a unified direction of productive, value-creating action. How do your departments perform? Is your organization effective? Do you need more cohesion in your teams? How can you integrate capacities to elevate strategy?

At the end of the day, this is, and will always be, the ultimate truth: value creation comes from within. It is the collective flames of human capacity all working together towards some productive aim, that creates the benefit for your market, and the right for organizations to earn a profit.

Dalia ReyOctagon Business Group



We provide strategies and organizational solutions for high-performing companies.

01.  Strategy

Streamlining capabilities for desired outcomes.

  • Strategic planning
  • Management reporting
  • Re-organization strategies
02.  Capacity

The ability for personnel to produce effective work.

  • Hiring, retention and succession
  • Training and competency journeys
  • Performance strategies
03.  Culture

The values, attitudes and productive habits held by personnel.

  • Cultural discoveries
  • High performing cultures
  • Policy design and cultural alignment
04.  Organization

The implementation of a coherent and effective organization.

  • Organizational design
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Implementing organizational change



We bring the value of your human capital into the limelight, while driving your strategic goals forward.

Performance should be fun. If you are bringing together people who are doing the right work in the right way, the whole thing just works.

Believe in your culture. It is the guiding force that eventually shapes that aspect of your company that can’t be mimicked – that is a real competitive advantage.

If there is one area of your business you choose to prioritize, start with human capital initiatives. As the source of your value, investing in your people first, will pave the the way forward.

Dalia ReyOctagon Business Group



Our personnel services provide clarity around organization, build capabilities to improve performance and create policies and procedures to create culture. Contact us if you:


  1. want a coherent organization;
  2. need improved performance to achieve objectives;
  3. like to reach your objectives in while respecting human capacity;
  4. are ready to restructure and reorganize;
  5. are ready to go the distance.


Above all, we believe in the power of direction. We create strategies that maximize potential and catalyze effective action. If you are a powerhouse that is looking for strategic alignment, we build pathways forward.

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