To deliver your
value is to respect
your market.

Value-Driven Marketing

We provide a comprehensive slate of marketing services for a wide range of customer-facing needs. And, all of our strategic marketing initiatives are centered on creating distinction. That is, how to demonstrate your value with excellence. In the competitive landscape of the world today, distinction is the way to create and communicate your enduring value.

Distinction is created through the combination of strategy, creativity, and experiences. Therefore, we find the right value point for your brand and create comprehensive market packages that effectively expresses and delivers that value. How are you positioned within your market? How can you demonstrate more excellence to your customers? How can you create world class experiences? What is your form of distinction?

Marketing is in fact very simple: understand the value you create, communicate that promise effectively, and deliver that to the best of your ability, each and every time. If you do that, you will gradually earn the growth of your market, simply by earning their trust.

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We deliver complete market strategies and assets for formidable market positions.

01.  Strategy

The objectives and methods to reach markets and generate revenues.

  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Pricing strategies
02.  Assets

The construction of high quality, strategically effective market assets.

  • Brand assets and positioning
  • Digital, print and experience assets
  • Creative consulting
03.  Activation

The deployment and management of market assets through strategic channels.

  • Campaign design
  • Market activation strategies
  • Market growth initiatives
04.  Engagement

The earned right to enjoy long-term retention and growth of market share

  • Client / customer service programs
  • Feedback and analytics
  • Loyalty programs



Expand your markets and your revenues across segments, industries, and borders.

To market your authentic value and message out the world should be a liberating experience. The metrics, revenues and customers you generate in return, is just a bonus.

Knowing your center of gravity, and integrating that with a value structure and a market strategy, that is powerful.

Transforming through market strategies is deeply rewarding. At its core, it has a singular purpose: to distill down into the core of your value. Then, strategy helps to solidify a viable market position, and ingenuity shapes how you express that value authentically through a comprehensive asset package.

Dalia ReyOctagon Business Group



Our marketing services deliver on revenue targets, uses comprehensive methods to build market share, and establishes practices to improve experiences. Contact us if you:


  1. want growing revenues;
  2. need a new or improved market assets; 
  3. like focused yet ambitious market strategies; 
  4. are committed to practices that create customer benefit;
  5. are ready for a transformation.


Above all, we believe in the power of market transformation. With a passion for missions that can change the world, we drive change forward. If you have an objective that needs market impact, we help make things happen.

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