Own the ability to create and sustain value and profit.

Legacy-Driven Capital

We provide services in all areas of corporate finance and corporate development. And, partnered with our restructuring capabilities and propensity to execute strategy, our game is to maximize financial performance, all across the board. Our approach is rooted in the use of both traditional and innovative methods, with a mandate to ensure the effective use of money and capital, and to create clear pathways to profitability, expansion and growth.

We know the value of finance and that its greatest impact comes when the integration of its resources is fully realized with a legacy narrative. That's what sets us apart from the others, we don't just crunch numbers - we understand that all numbers represent an aspect of strategy. How are your numbers working for you? Are they taking you forward? Are they making an impact? Are they leaving behind the legacy that you want to create?

Our finance activities are shaped by the concept of the legacy. That means leaving some impact that has the potential to last across time and space. Whether we are looking inward through corporate finance or outward through growth and business development initiatives, our decisions will always come back to the legacy.

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We maximize your financial performance and set the stage for sustainable success.

01.  Analysis

An integrative review for financial insight.

  • Deconstructed insights
  • Financial modelling
  • Analytics and reporting
02.  Valuations

An applied financial appraisal.

  • Company valuations
  • Internal department valuations
  • Project valuations
03.  Planning

A strategically effective financial plan.

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management strategies
  • Profitability models
04.  Growth

Financial growth and expansion strategies.

  • Risk management / mitigation
  • Financing and deal structuring
  • Business development strategies



Raise your financial thresholds and create meaning through financial impact.

Profitability is nothing more than the monetary recognition of the value that you create. Once that is fully realized, the thresholds and limits that you thought existed begin to disappear, as they were never really there to begin with.

Finance is the business of influence. As with all things influential, you must respect it, and your foundation in integrity must be firm. That is the only way it can sustain the possibility of the legacy.

We love to bring profitability to the right people and the right missions. As long as you are committed to integrity led business, and using your capital for some form of constructive influence, we are here to help.

Dalia ReyOctagon Business Group



Our finance services maximize profitability, provide analysis to financially position your objectives and create the strategic plan to grow your capital. Contact us if you:


  1. want maximized profits; 
  2. need to align financial strategy with enterprise strategy; 
  3. like to make best use of your resources;
  4. have your eye on the prize; 
  5. are ready to build a legacy.

Above all, we believe in the power of capital. We create branded financial strategies that bring both profit and impact. If you are looking to transform capital into the
influence, meaning and legacy, we build channels of impact.

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