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Capacity and Strategy.

To us, perspective is everything. Once you hold your business, its challenges and problems in the right context, the solutions become much easier to see. Therefore, we always drill down to distill the foundational lenses of business first, and then tackle issues head-on.

If perspective is our compass, then integrity is our foundation. Our core value is rooted in a commitment to demonstrate integrity while delivering exceptional value, time and time again. That is our practice of value creation, and the measurement of our success.

Every business must have a profit narrative. Our objective around profitability is to understand it in the context of the profitability story, meaning how that fits into the larger value framework. Once that is established, we then create and deliver maximization strategies.

It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the value experience a little bit better, each and every day.

Dalia ReyOctagon Business Group



Octagon is a global enterprise and leading force of integration, innovation and progress.

01.  Personnel

Organizational management is the design, implementation and management of personnel strategies. That is, the policies and procedures that move your company forward. Together, it sets the culture, habits and expectations of your organization.

02.  Operations

Operations management is the strategic management function responsible for transforming materials and labour into goods and services at the highest level of efficiency possible. It can powerfully optimize both value and profitability.

03.  Marketing

Strategic marketing builds influence and generates revenue. To be most effective, it uses a dual focus on authentic value and market value. Using that reciprocal exchange, we create bold  marketing strategies that drive revenues forward.

04.  Finance

Financial capital represents the productive powers and opportunity thresholds of an enterprise. Above all, we believe in maximizing these powers and raising these thresholds for enterprises of integrity, excellence and influence.



World-class leadership can change the world.

We understand the value of leadership. Therefore, a large part of our vision is dedicated to working with true leadership - the visionaries, the influencers and the movers and shakers of the world. The people and companies that are meant to create change, impact the world, and leave far-reaching legacies. 

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Thought leadership is communicating to facilitate a shift in perspective.

There is a lot of value in preparation. When doing something big, preparation can be everything. But, when the time comes, don’t hesitate. Act, deliver and transform. Because, that’s the whole point.

Don’t shrink down. Don’t try and come down to the level the world tells you you’re supposed to be at. Know who you are, and be as big and as bold as you are. Eventually, the world will catch on.

The integration of value is our game. Come join us, come along for the ride.

Dalia ReyOctagon Business Group



To be influential is to create value, profit, and impact.

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